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Tutor24x7 is the FIRST Tutoring Organization to deliver online tutoring 24x7.

Assessment is a key factor in re-engaging potentially lost students. When instruction is tailored to a student's ability level, as determined by assessments, students show measurable progress. Learning technology assisted assessment and instruction, with diagnostics and prescriptive practice, generate invaluable reporting data for tutors, allowing them to get and keep students on track because the

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Tutor24x7students are first evaluated based on the diagnostic test which will help in identifying the strong and weak areas in the subject and carefully match tutors with students based on personality, interests and learning style to ensure desired learning outcome in a time bound module. Our teachers are deployed with clarity in the desired learning outcome at the end of the course

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Country: India
Address: Tutor24x7, A Division of Pedagogues Education India Pvt. Ltd.
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