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Behind every good student are good study skills. Yet, study skills are not a subject taught in schools! The first indicator Tutor24x7 tutors look for in a struggling student is a lack of strong study skills. It is an area easily remedied once students apply certain strategies and tips taught by our tutors. Teaching good study skills will help establish good practices throughout a child's formal education. Parents will find it amazing how quickly their children will bounce back academically once they've established proper study skills. The first step is to have Tutor24x7 determine if certain very important guidelines are established in the home and assess each child's study routine in five key areas: time management, organization, learning styles, concentration and memory, and taking notes.

Tutor24x7 will determine if good organizational habits are in place and provide specialized, one-on-one guidance. For instance, Tutor24x7 always recommends each child should have a consistent study area that is comfortable and quiet, away from distractions like televisions and radios. Settle on that one location and stay there. A regular time every night must be established for getting homework and studying done. All friends and family must be aware that this time is dedicated to schoolwork.

As part of Tutor24x7 extensive study habits analysis, each child's individual learning style will be assessed and based on the results, Our tutors will teach tips and strategies that will help children better comprehend and retain their lessons. For instance, Visual Learning children learn words and definitions by reading them over and over again, and "seeing" the words in their heads. Auditory Learning students tend to recite words and definitions over and over again, or have the words and meanings taped so they can listen to them. Kinaesthetic Learning students prefer to write out the words and definitions and draw pictures to remind them of the meanings. Knowing a child's particular learning style will greatly assist parents and tutors to teach and the child to learn.

There are many more study skills: concentration, memory, note and test taking tips which our online tutors will teach each child. To know more about our tutors, WhatsApp +91 8826219696 with the student’s tuition requirement for the subject and class be mentioned.

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