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Face to Face Tutoring is one-on-one tutoring and we thrive on our ability to create relationships between students seeking help and our one-of-a-kind intelligent tutors.Tutor24x7@home provides certified teachers or professionals with a passion for teaching. A vast majority of our tutors teach or have taught in public or private schools and even coaching institutes. Our tutors at Tutor24x7@home undergo a thorough background check and screening process prior to being placed with student assignments. Tutor24x7@home carefully matches tutors with students based on personality, interests and learning style to ensure that the private tutoring sessions are effective.

First part of this tutoring exercise would be to conduct a diagnostic test to students who need tutoring help to ascertain the precise skill gaps in the student and our mentors will formulate the course to be conducted including the time line, schedules and expected learning outcome at the end of the course. However, parents would be apprised of the student’s performance after every test session conducted online by Tutor24x7. We believe the right diagnosis helps in the correct treatment and diagnostic tests that include both study habits as well as subject skills relevant to the class and the subject in which he is studying.

By using our services, you are not only providing your child with the resources to better themself, you are also creating a part time job for a motivated tutor!


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